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Queer Exchange Teater Dictat, 2022

This project started with a Devon/Halland exchange in October 2022 and will continue until June 2023. One strand of the project is an original monologue play titled Sketches Invented and Drawnwritten by Matthew Short, performed by Johan Svensson, and directed by Magdi Saleh. 


Den Andre (Edward II) - Teater Dictat, 2022

Dramaturg, Script Adaptation & Assistant Director

(Link in Swedish)

An adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's Edward II which has not been seen in Sweden since 2008. I adapted the script, supported dramaturgical work across all creative sections, and assisted direction for the second half of rehearsals.


Den Du Är (The One You Are) - Teater Dictat, 2022

Dramaturg, English Adaptation (Link in Swedish)

An original collage style performance by Johan Svensson exploring family, order, and identity amidst an unspecified conflict. I supported the assembly of the script and adapted it for the English translation.

Sunday in Sodom - Playmate Theatre Malmö, 2022


A short play written by Jordan Tannahill gives a name to Lot's wife from the Sodom and Gomorrah story. I chose to direct this play with a feminist perspective to speak to contemporary femininities and motherhood.


Hamlet, Prins av DanmarQ Teater Dictat, 2021

Dramaturg (Link in Swedish)

A subtly queer adaptation of Hamlet performed at the Varberg Theatre which explores mothers, forced destiny, and gentle masculinity whilst Sweden faces against an ever encroaching Denmark.

Maqbeth Deluxe - Teater Dictat, 2020

Dramaturg (Link in Swedish)

The Macbeths are a queer power couple who find that the hedonistic lifestyle they've craved for comes with its dark side. Streamed live during the pandemic, this play offers an intimacy that will linger.

Tales Told Through Translation - Lund University, 2020

Researcher/Writer (Linked thesis)

Artistic research exploring the identity construction of literary translators. Through a collection of magical realist short stories, I explore how translation affects the imaginary self and the perception of the other.

Paria - Teater Dictat, 2018

Translation Consultant (Link in Swedish)

A queer perspective on Strindberg's Paria performed in Sweden and developed for international audiences. I consulted on the translation of the script to make the logic more clear for contemporary audiences.


I am currently working on the following projects which are at different stages of their development in both the UK and Sweden.


Fri Lejd (Right of Way) Teater Dictat

An exploratory play on themes of masculinity and traffic. In December 2023, the production team worked with three actors for a R&D workshop to help devise new text and physical material.

Otter Wolf Dart (original play) Matthew Short

An original play that has undergone a professional reading at Bastionen, Malmö, produced by Dictat Drama. It has an ecodramaturgical thread that blends the science of climate change with the potential of magical realist folklore.

Mindful Encounters (original work) Matthew Short & Grace Hancock

A devised piece developed at the Exeter Fringe Festival exploring the intersection of the urban and natural environments in Exeter as a city surrounded by fields and rolling hills.

Video courtesy of Exeter Fringe Festival, shot by Emily Appleton (South West Theatre Photography). Produced by Finlay Carroll.

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