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Production History

12-13th April, 2022

Draft Reading to public at Bastionen, Malmö

Performed by:

Johan Svensson, Linus Nilsson, Mikael Tryman, Karen Olrich White, Peter Hallin, and Fraser Macleod.


"Named after three rivers in Devon, this play sits close to my heart and home and challenges our current modes of addressing the climate crisis."

By Matthew Short

On the fringes of a wild moor, science and magic meet in an exploration of climate anxiety in rural England. It begins to rain, as it usually does in England, and an ecologist finds himself questioning just how far his science can take him whilst all those around him chase fairytales and magical creatures. Whether they think it or not, everyone is ignoring the signs pointing towards cataclysmic change of biblical proportions. As the characters are flung together, they find themselves asking what can they truly believe in when the world is ending?


This is a play about rurality, provincialism, and ways of reimagining our future communities in times of uncertainty.

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