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"Blending historical fact with imagined pasts, Sketches Invented and Drawn reflects my experience of adapting Edward II for new audiences."

By Matthew Short

Johan assumes the role of Matthew as he narrates a journey of a life lived in the liminal spaces of history. From Devon to Gothenburg, Naples to London, gay men populate history in ways they haven't before. Reality appears to warp, the threads that pull Matthew together slowly become undone, and Johan is left trying to piece it all together. In the midst of rehearsing for their production of Den Andre, Johan, or Matthew, must reconcile with the past to understand what it is that their present truly holds.


A one-man play with a postmodern twist, this show delves into how queer history is lived, documented, and re-imagined over and over.

This play was commissioned as part of Teater Dictat's Queer Exchange project.

Promotional image in production

Production History

Date TBC

Rehearsed Reading

Performed by:

Johan Svensson

Directed by:
Magdi Saleh

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