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My dramaturgical work with Teater Dictat is focused on literary adaptation of English classics such as works by Shakespeare and Marlowe. We have developed a queer method of aestheticising LGBTQ+ narrative and design whilst consistently relating to fringe performance structures and artistic output. The below video demonstrates the dramaturgical world I have been developing with artistic director Johan Svensson in which a queer utopia has been designed outwith our own contemporary reality. It is a genderless world where alternative sexualities are fully integrated into the norm. We use "tacky luxury" as cultural signifiers to respond to images and materials that have become key to signifying queerness, alternative tastes, and both the theatre and social fringe.

Note: Language is in Swedish, audio description is summarised beneath video.

Audio overview [in English]:

Den Andre (Edward II) by Christopher Marlowe: Voice over of Linus Nilsson as Gaveston describes a pastoral scene with young boys dressed as Diana and satyrs, creating a metaphorical queer space of beauty and sex for King Edward II.

Hamlet Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare: text describes our world where the war for land between Sweden and Denmark has resulted in Skåne and Halland becoming a part of the Danish crown. (Danish national anthem followed by club music plays.) We follow Horatio and Hamlet's intimacy from the start of the play where they reunite, to the end of the play where Hamlet lays dying in Horatio's arms. In between, we witness the "Mousetrap" performance that Hamlet puts on for Claudius and Gertrude.

Maqbeth Deluxe: In these scenes we are introduced to Lady Maqbeth followed by Maqbeth himself. These are soliloquies early in the performance that reflect on the story that has occurred prior to the play's beginning.

Since dramaturgy becomes invisible in performance, I have uploaded examples of the dramaturgical practice for Hamlet Prince of Denmark to highlight how my work goes through the translation process of performance (as seen in the video).

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